Stikii is a designer, manufacturer, marketer and distributor of footwear for children ages 3-8. Stikii footwear uses our proprietary microfiber stik® material in their shoe design processes that allow children to create unique shoe designs with every wear thanks to our exclusive Stik-em accessories. At Stikii, we envision children building collections of the easily removable Stik-em’s, even swapping them with friends, to further personalize their Stikii shoes. This substantial innovation in footwear design and function will allow us to occupy an unexploited niche in this current children’s footwear marketplace.  Furthermore, the Stik-em accessories will provide a parallel source of revenue which will continue to grow after families make the initial investment in buying a pair of Stikii shoes. Stikii will be introduced into the US market in December 2011 with one model available in 6 different colors:



 Pink (dark and light)

Blue (dark and light)


Brown (image coming soon)



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