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Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

As loyal blog followers, we thought it would be best if we told you ourselves…. Stikii has a new blog location with a new look and feel! The same great updates and blogs, but in a format that will better serve you, our readers. We invite you to check it out, and to visit us at this new site for all future blog posts!

Just click the image below to be redirected to our new home!

Don’t forget to check back often for the latest updates and info on all things Stikii!


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Halloween Top Favorites!

To round out our Halloween blogging session, we thought that some lists discussing some Halloween favorites would be perfect. It is obvious, that we love to dress up in costume on this holiday. Our first list compiles what we believe will be some of the most popular Halloween costumes this year, for both adults and children! After much research, we have compiled these lists:

Top 10 Adult Costumes

1. The Royal Couple (Prince William and Kate Middleton)

2. Green Lantern

3. Angry Birds (this game is a global epidemic!)

4. iPhones/Steve Jobs/Anything Apple

5. Lady Gaga

6. Jersey Shore Characters

7. Captain America

8. Foot Loose Characters (the remake of this classic is in theaters now!)

9. Flight Attendant (thank you, Pan Am)

10. Charlie Sheen

Top 10 Children’s Costumes

1. Captain America

2. Twister

3. Monster High Characters

4. Transformer’s “Bumblebee” Costume

5. Wolverine

6. Smurfs

7. Disney Princess Characters

8. Harry Potter Characters

9. iPod

10. Any other Superhero

**There were many more that are not listed, but it’s our guess that these will be some of the most popular!**

Stikii shoes and accessories will go GREAT with costumes next year. It will be so easy to match shoe color to the color of the child’s costume. Also, Stik’em accessories can be purchased to go along with the theme of the costumer. Crown Stik-ems would go great with a princess costume, and a guitar Light-up Stik-em would be the perfect match for an iPod costume. Be sure to keep this in mind next year when preparing costumes for your little ones!

We cannot wait to pass out candy to all of these decked out trick-or-treaters this year! Speaking of trick-or-treat, what candies are the most popular to toss into goodie bags each year? We are pretty sure they do not change much over the years. Check out this list of the most classic and popular Halloween candies (in no particular order):

Popular Halloween Candy for Trick-or-Treaters

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  2. Snicker’s
  3. M&Ms
  4. Pop Rocks (flashback to the 70s?)
  5. Kit Kat Bars (so much candy is given out on Halloween that children don’t even have to worry about breaking of a piece to share!)
  6. Sour Patch Kids
  7. Laffy Taffy (be sure to check out the jokes on the wrappers!)
  8. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate
  9. Nerds
  10. Halloween Themed Candy (gum eyeballs, chocolate skeletons, orange and black taffy)
  11. Tootsie Rolls
  12. Candy Corn
  13. Twix
  14. Starbursts
  15. Butterfinger
  16. Candy Corn
  17. Nestlé’s Crunch
  18. Bubble Gum
  19. Blow Pops & Caramel Apple Suckers
  20. Baby Ruth’s

Did you see some of your favorites on this list? We are hoping that by 2012-13 we can get Stik-em’s on that list. These accessories would be a great for treat bags, especially for smaller Halloween parties. They are a practical and healthy alternative to the usual candy passed out!

Feel free to comment and let us know if we are missing anything on these lists and we will be happy to add your suggestions. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook Page and “Like” us We hope that you enjoyed our Halloween themed blog series! Stikii wishes everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Safety Tips

At Stikii, the safety of our customers and children alike is extremely important, which is why we chose to dedicate this blog to Halloween Safety Tips. Everyone knows that Halloween is meant to be a time for treats and spooky fun. No child should have to experience an actual “scary” Halloween in which they are found to be in danger or injured. Parents should ensure that all proper precautions are taken during this ghostly holiday in order to provide the child with a memorable and fun experience!

Parents can help keep children safe and prevent them from harm by following the following safety tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Safety Council and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Rules and Tips for Children:

  • Approach only well-lit houses and remain on the front porch. NEVER enter a house, especially without adult supervision.
  • Travel in small groups while accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • When using costume weapons, ensure that they are not dangerous. Swords and knifes should be flexible, not rigid or sharp. Toy guns should be colorful so that they are not presumed to be real, and if “loaded” should contain soft ammunition such as a Nerf ball or dart.
  • Use flashlights, stay on sidewalks, avoid crossing yards, cross streets at the corner, use crosswalks and do not cross between parked cars. Be sure the child understands the importance of “stop, look and listen”.
  • Allow children to carry a cellphone. Ensure that they are aware of how to reach parents as well as to call 911 in an emergency situation.
  • Pin a tag to the child’s costume that states their full name and phone number if the child is too young to remember them.
  • Do not allow children to eat the treats they collect until they have been inspected by an adult. Ensure that candy has not been tampered with, unwrapped or spoiled prior to eating. Local fire stations and police stations often offer free candy inspections during the Halloween holiday.
  • Consider using face paint instead of masks so as to not obstruct the child’s vision.
  • Avoid wearing long, baggy or loose costumes and oversized shoes to help prevent tripping.

                                              Tips for Parents and Adults:

  • Supervise trick-or-treating and other Halloween activities for children under the age of 12.
  • Establish a curfew for older children.
  • Be sure to leave the porch light on and clear the way for incoming trick-or-treaters.
  • Avoid handing out choking hazards such as gum, peanuts, hard candies or small toys as treats to young children.
  • Have the child eat dinner prior to trick-or-treating to help ensure that they do not over-indulge in candy after.
  • Ration treats.
  • Inspect all candy for safety.
  • Drive slowly, exit driveways and alleyways carefully.
  • Have children exit vehicles on the curb side rather than traffic side.
  • If putting on your own Haunted House production, be sure to only allow entrance to older children and to avoid using dangerous props.

                                                  Jack O’lantern Tips

  • Adult supervision at all times for children and teens.
  • Carve pumpkins on stable, flat surfaces with good lighting.
  • Have the child draw the face on the pumpkin with a permanent marker and let the parent/adult do the carving to avoid injury.
  • Place lighted pumpkins away from curtains and other flammable objects and do not leave lighted for an extended period of time
  • Paint pumpkins rather than carve them!
  • We suggest that rather than using tea candles, to use battery-operated candles that can be found in the Halloween section of local drug stores. 
  • Do not allow children to handle sharp objects and tools.
  • Keep very small children away from the carving, especially the pumpkin seeds which can be a choking hazard.

Although Halloween is a fun time of year for kids, it is no fun to get hurt, so take some time to make sure your kids have a safe, healthy, and fun Halloween.  For Halloween 2012, we suggest you invest in a pair of Stikii shoes for your child. They are extremely comfortable and will help to avoid painful blisters after many blocks of trick-or-treating. We also suggest purchasing various light-up Stik-em’s for the child to attach to their shoes prior to treat collecting.

 The lights on the Stik-em’s will keep the child visible and help to avoid injury by increasing the light near their feet. For more information on Stikii shoes and our fabulous Stik-em accessories, become a fan on Facebook,  Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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Thats a “Rap”!

If you have been keeping up with the Buzz at Stikii, you already know that a rap music video about Stikii has been underway. The idea behind this video is that something of this nature is rarely, if ever, seen — especially when promoting children’s shoes! Joe Chew, owner of Stikii, Inc. developed this concept some time ago and it is finally the right moment to get the ball rolling. The music video intends to spark conversation and grab the attention of the audience while keeping the Stikii brand image on their minds even after the viewing has commenced.

The music and lyrics for the rap song were previously recorded by local celebrity “Tony Toledo” (also known as HYPE). Using local talent helps to uphold the concept that the Stikii brand is homegrown. Tony Toledo hails from Fostoria, OH and can often be seen posing for advertisements and performing in local concerts. His style has been compared to the likes of Mike Posner and Kid Cudi, and his recordings have become ever so popular with teens and college-aged locals. We believe that his talent and current fan base will help to further the buzz around our Stikii music video.

Check out his vibe here   —>

This past Sunday, August 21, the video was shot in Tecumseh, MI, in a small,

kid-friendly neighborhood. The video, which will feature about 25 children between the ages of 3 and 11, was directed by Anthony Martinez. The concept behind the video is that Stikii shoes make everyday life fun and exciting. The shoot took approximately six hours and was recorded by  23-year-old Nick Amrhein from 3ByOne Studios (he will also take care of the film editing).

The kids really enjoyed the shoot and felt like movie stars upon arrival. The success of the product was made apparant via  the wide-eyed excitement expressed on the faces of each child as they played and danced in the footwear.

Stikii also brought in local dance crew, House of Adonis, to be a part of the filming. The House of Adonis dancers are a group of local hopefuls looking to make dancing a lifetime career. They practice day and night to ensure that they never miss a step and are extremely passionate about their art. The dance team has competed in New York City, appeared on Black Entertainment Television (BET), and at various events throughout Northwest Ohio. They are certain to be a great addition to the video. Check out this clip to get a better feel for what the team has to offer!

The shoot commenced late Sunday evening and left everyone, children, owner, director and parents, satisfied and excited. Over the next  week, 3ByOne will edit and polish up the video into a finished product. Once this process is completed, we will upload the video onto YouTube and let it run wild. We hope that by promoting links to the video via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and our Stikii Blog, that we will be able to make the video viral in no time. Talk about Buzz!

Check back with Stikii social media on a regular basis for a chance to see the finished product. We cannot wait to hear what our fans will have to say about our one-of-a-kind, off-the-charts music video. From the director’s chair…..”That’s a ‘rap’!”

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Start School Off on the Right Foot!

It’s back-to-school time again! For most areas in the US, school is just around the corner, and if you are a parent, you are probably counting down the days until your little ones hop back on that yellow school bus and down the road to your freedom.  As for the students, they are usually a bit less excited, perhaps even a bit morose, that the days of sleeping in, swimming and playing with friends that they have come to expect are finally coming to an end. But whether you are filled with excitement or dread, the back-to-school experience is one that every parent and child alike will go through over the next few weeks.

Getting back into the school year routine can be a difficult transition for parents and kids alike.  You are often weighed down with lists and errands that you can’t possibly finish in time to make dinner and get to bed at a decent hour. The stress of back-to-school takes its toll on us and it is important to take each day one step at a time.  Getting your child prepared for this transition involves much more than the buying of school supplies. The following outlines some suggestions and tips for a successful return to academia.

1.       Routine

Be sure to get plenty of rest and start your kids into their routine a few days in advance so as to avoid any “surprises” on the first morning back. Establish a strict routine both at bedtime and awakening, with no loopholes, for the school year. Slowly ease the kids into this routine by adjusting bedtimes and wake-up times each day prior to school until they are aligned with the desired times.  Remember, it is important that children get 9-10 hours of sleep!

2.       Nutrition

Make sure you plan enough time in the morning for a healthy breakfast packed full of brain friendly food (whole grains, dairy, fruits, etc.) each morning. For those mornings that you forget to set the alarm, hand the kids a granola bar or a bagel that you had previously stocked up on for such an occasion.

Be sure your child’s lunch is nutritious as well.  As sandwich, fruit or vegetable, healthy snack and 100% fruit drinks (or skim milk) are excellent choices. Don’t let them guilt you into ho-hos and ding-dongs because Sally’s mom packs them for her.


   3.       Rules and Organization

Make sure your child does their homework at the same time each evening (before dinner?). Stay on top of assignments and when they are due so that you ensure your kids are handing things in on time. Ensure each book-bag is pre-packed the night before and that lunches are easily recognized. Establish guidelines for the journey to and from school and discuss the necessary associated safety precautions.

4.       Set Limits

Limit the amount of time your child may spend with technology (TV, surfing the net, playing video games) each day. Offer up brain-stimulating activities or exercise as alternatives.

5.       School Supplies

Each year, your child will bring home a list of “must haves” for the classroom. Be sure to follow the list accordingly so that your child is well prepared and does not fall behind. Of course, we all know how expensive back-to-school supply shopping can be.  Shop around for places that offer the best deal or school rewards. Check out this website for deals near you

6.       School Clothes

Now this is where the fun begins. Of course your child has been active and growing all summer long and the odds are that their clothes are too small, too worn or just plain un-cool.  Take this list from to the mall with you so you don’t miss anything!

  • Underwear (10 pairs)
  • Socks (10-14 pairs)
  • T-shirts (6-10)
  • Sweaters/sweatshirts (2-3)
  • Pants (3-5+)
  • Skirt and coordinating top (1 for girls)
  • Shoes (2 pairs…we’ll get back to this)
  • Boots (1 pair)
  • Coats (1 light/fall, 1 winter, 1 rain-resistant)
  • Hats, gloves, scarves, accessories, etc.

This is the category where Stikii shines.Kids’ feet are always growing, so the odds are that they are always in the market for a new pair of shoes. Stikii shoes complete with Stik-em accessories will be an excellent choice for growing feet! Not only are these shoes reasonably priced, but they come equipped with EVA outsole and microfiber stik material….there is no other shoe out there like them! They are extremely comfortable and fashionable while helping to teach children the importance of individuality, fun and sharing.  These are shoes your kids will be excited about and help them to look forward to going to school each morning where they will be able to show off their newly designed shoes. It will be like having a new pair of shoes each day of the term! Once Stikii is made available for purchase, we encourage you to spice up your child’s wardrobe with this fabulous footwear. School clothes shopping is not just exclusive to the early weeks of school but is an ongoing, engaging process.

Keep checking our website, as well as Facebook and Twitter for the exact dates in which you can purchase the footwear. Once the excitement and euphoria of back-to-school wears off, fuel the fire with a new pair of Stikii shoes this fall!

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Getting Our Brand to “Stik” in the Minds of Consumers

         Stikii is not yet a large, well-known brand with a big spending budget, but that’s no obstacle for us! In

BuzzMarketing written by Mark Hughes

fact, we welcome the challenge. Big brands are not the only ones who have marketing power today. At Stikii, we believe that Buzz and Word-of-Mouth (WOM) marketing is what gives a brand, any brand, real marketing presence and power. Thanks to the great Mark Hughes and his Buzz Marketing methodology, Stikii is preparing to take on the market with a basically non-existent budget by utilizing unique promotional tools aimed to create Buzz.

            If you are unfamiliar with the “Buzz Marketing” epidemic, let me explain it in a nutshell. Buzz marketing can be defined as “the interaction of consumers and users of a product or service which serves to amplify the original marketing message”. The goal of viral marketing, public relations and Web 2.0 is often to create and amplify positive “buzz” about a product. Basically, you want to get prospective customers talking about  your product, which usually results in a vague but positive association, excitement, or anticipation with your product or service.


            Buzz Marketing is exceedingly successful because it grabs the attention of the audience, based on credibility, on a more personal and influential level. How often do you find yourself surveying a magazine advertisement or watching a television commercial and thinking “yeah right, like that really works!”? We doubt the big budget, mass media ads because we know them to be biased and that the company’s main intention is to sell their product – by any means! We do, however, listen to our friends and family. When our peers tell us a bout their experience with or knowledge of a product, good or bad, we tend to listen. In turn, this influences our opinions and our future purchasing habits.

Watch my ad and buy my product "or else"!!

            We have created a story worth talking about, among parents and children. We offer a unique, never before seen product that is sure to capture the attention of our target customers if marketed in a strategic manner.

            At Stikii, we are in the process of creating a Buzz-worthy campaign and we are well on our way to


pushing the Six Buttons of Buzz.

                Hughes’ Six Buttons of Buzz:

  1. The Taboo (sex, lies, rock ‘n roll, bathroom humor)
  2. The Unusual
  3. The Outrageous
  4. The Hilarious
  5. The Remarkable
  6. Secrets (unknown or revealed)

Pushing said buttons helps to give consumers something worth talking about. Eventually, this story will go from one person to another creating a WOM ripple effect.

            Stikii pushes the “unusual” button by offering customers a product that is out of the ordinary. Never before has there been a shoe that allows the wearer to add and remove adhesive accessories. When you see a pair of Stikiis on a child walking down the street, odds are you are going to stop and wonder about them. Or perhaps you will see a kid with a shoe-shaped balloon attached to his/her wrist. I don’t know about you, but I have never witnessed a shoe balloon sighting. The bright colors of these balloons will be eye-popping, especially when it appears that a large shoe is floating into the atmosphere or bobbing above heads in a crowd. Now THAT is unusual.

            We plan to push the “outrageous” button in order to start conversation by introducing the public to our “Stikiimobile”. The Stikiimobile is a brightly colored car with an enormous fabricated Stikii shoe attached to the roof, with Stik-em accessories and all! A giant shoe-car driving along the highway or placing an order in the McDonald’s drive through will intentionally get people talking. Questions like “why is there a person driving a car with a giant shoe on it?”, “how do they not cause a traffic jam?”, or just simply “what the heck?!?” will arise among those who catch sight of this wacky automobile. Henry Ford may even turn over in his grave. These questions will indicate that people are curious about Stikii. Curiosity sparks interest, and interest leads to research, which can eventually lead to paying customers. Check out some similar ideas below. How can this outrageous idea not work?


Lobstermobile get the idea







The “hilarious” button might be our favorite. Getting kids interested in shoes isn’t an easy task. But combine it with something else that kids like, that is also funny, and BAM, instant Buzz. We are currently in the process of writing, recording, and filming a “Stikii Rap Video”. There is nothing serious associated with a rap about shoes, especially when you combine Tony Toledo on lyrics with a cute kid like, perhaps, Pretty Boy Bam Bam. That recipe calls for instant laughs. When this video goes viral on YouTube and other video-streaming sites, the hits will be countless, as will the smiles. The next thing you know you’ll be watching a sidewalk show of pre-schoolers singing the Stikii Rap song and busting a move. It doesn’t get more hilarious in my book.

(Imagine this, but to Rap music!!)

            So, there you have it. Already planning to push three out of six Buzz Buttons and our product hasn’t even launched yet! I’d say we are ahead of the game. Keep your eyes and ears open for all of these promotions, and check back often for updates on which button we plan to press next. We’d tell you now but….it might be a remarkably taboo secret!

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