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Halloween Top Favorites!

To round out our Halloween blogging session, we thought that some lists discussing some Halloween favorites would be perfect. It is obvious, that we love to dress up in costume on this holiday. Our first list compiles what we believe will be some of the most popular Halloween costumes this year, for both adults and children! After much research, we have compiled these lists:

Top 10 Adult Costumes

1. The Royal Couple (Prince William and Kate Middleton)

2. Green Lantern

3. Angry Birds (this game is a global epidemic!)

4. iPhones/Steve Jobs/Anything Apple

5. Lady Gaga

6. Jersey Shore Characters

7. Captain America

8. Foot Loose Characters (the remake of this classic is in theaters now!)

9. Flight Attendant (thank you, Pan Am)

10. Charlie Sheen

Top 10 Children’s Costumes

1. Captain America

2. Twister

3. Monster High Characters

4. Transformer’s “Bumblebee” Costume

5. Wolverine

6. Smurfs

7. Disney Princess Characters

8. Harry Potter Characters

9. iPod

10. Any other Superhero

**There were many more that are not listed, but it’s our guess that these will be some of the most popular!**

Stikii shoes and accessories will go GREAT with costumes next year. It will be so easy to match shoe color to the color of the child’s costume. Also, Stik’em accessories can be purchased to go along with the theme of the costumer. Crown Stik-ems would go great with a princess costume, and a guitar Light-up Stik-em would be the perfect match for an iPod costume. Be sure to keep this in mind next year when preparing costumes for your little ones!

We cannot wait to pass out candy to all of these decked out trick-or-treaters this year! Speaking of trick-or-treat, what candies are the most popular to toss into goodie bags each year? We are pretty sure they do not change much over the years. Check out this list of the most classic and popular Halloween candies (in no particular order):

Popular Halloween Candy for Trick-or-Treaters

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  2. Snicker’s
  3. M&Ms
  4. Pop Rocks (flashback to the 70s?)
  5. Kit Kat Bars (so much candy is given out on Halloween that children don’t even have to worry about breaking of a piece to share!)
  6. Sour Patch Kids
  7. Laffy Taffy (be sure to check out the jokes on the wrappers!)
  8. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate
  9. Nerds
  10. Halloween Themed Candy (gum eyeballs, chocolate skeletons, orange and black taffy)
  11. Tootsie Rolls
  12. Candy Corn
  13. Twix
  14. Starbursts
  15. Butterfinger
  16. Candy Corn
  17. Nestlé’s Crunch
  18. Bubble Gum
  19. Blow Pops & Caramel Apple Suckers
  20. Baby Ruth’s

Did you see some of your favorites on this list? We are hoping that by 2012-13 we can get Stik-em’s on that list. These accessories would be a great for treat bags, especially for smaller Halloween parties. They are a practical and healthy alternative to the usual candy passed out!

Feel free to comment and let us know if we are missing anything on these lists and we will be happy to add your suggestions. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook Page and “Like” us We hope that you enjoyed our Halloween themed blog series! Stikii wishes everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!


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The Collection Phenomenon: Why do we do it?

Do you know someone with boxes stacked up in their closet filled with baseball cards? Or perhaps one of your good friends collects postage stamps? Or maybe your sister has an extensive collection of antiques (and most likely within this type of collection, there are multiple smaller collections of different types of antiques)? Odds are most of us have either at one point had our own collection, or know someone who does. And this is not just specific to the United States, collecting is a global phenomenon!!

People have been collecting things for AGES, whether it is on purpose or just simply acquiring things on accident is another story. Sometimes it is hard to understand why we collect things that are old, new, expensive, rare, odd, etc. There are multiple reasons why a person may begin a collection, and a lot of the time we are just dying to know the reasoning behind that rare assortment of treasures that they protect and love as if it was their first-born child.

The following are some common reasons why a person may begin a collection:

1.    It stimulates fond memories.

 Perhaps a specific coin reminds them of a day they spent with their father in Atlantic City, or a pink seashell of their honeymoon….just the touch can transport them back in time to that very day, that very moment in which they picked it up! Kind of like their own personal time machine.

2.    To reminisce of their childhood.

As we grow older, we grow out of certain toys and games, but that by no means indicates that we fall out of love for these things. Adults are finding more and more often that they really miss the toys they used to play with as children. This is why a lot of people will collect old toys, old board games, old video games, etc. Having them reminds them of when they were young and even sharing them with their own children brings them great joy.

3.   It’s fun, duh!

Many find it exciting and enjoyable to search for the next item needed for their specific collection. It is like a modern-day treasure hunt. You never know where that item may turn up, or how long it will take you to find it, but when you do, it feels like you just won the lottery or an Olympic gold medal. Yes that’s right, it’s that fun!

4.      Investment Purposes.

Although most often we find that people collect thing as a hobby, there are others out there that begin their collections for the sole purpose of monetary value. There are several things that one can collect that will rise in value as the years go by, or that are worth a pretty penny as complete set. This type of collection is no walk in the park, if the collector is not extremely careful, they may end up losing more money than they make of the assortment in the end. This makes it important to research and gain expertise in the field and sometimes to get a second opinion as to the condition or genuineness of the object. is a good site to use for this circumstance and to avoid such issues.

5.       “Fandom” or obsession. 

It is easy today for people to become obsessed or “star struck” with many objects or documents. Some people like a specific celebrity or movie so much that they feel the need to collect items that relate to them/it. Star Wars is a good example. People still love to collect memorabilia from the film such as R2D2 toys, light sabers, posters, etc. The same goes for a celebrity like, say, Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe.

6.       Achievement and/or completion of the set.

It is a really fulfilling moment when a person finds the last item needed to complete their collection. They love to know that they are one of the small bunches that actually owns the object in its entirety. This makes the owner proud, and indefinitely gives them “bragging rights”. It is similar feeling to reaching a long-term goal.

 7.       Something to talk about.

Often enough people collect things because it gives them something to talk about with family, friends and strangers alike! Often a parent will teach the child the importance behind the collection, or friends will star looking out for items that their collecting friend may need. It is an interesting conversation piece also because of the uniqueness and dedication behind the process.

We hope that, with Sikii and Stik-em’s, that children and parents will collect the accessories not only because it is fun, but because it will stimulate nice memories in the future. Our Stik-ems are so unique and fun that it will make an excellent first collection for children. This can help to teach them responsibility, the importance of research, and give them something to be proud us. Let us know if you would like more details on beginning your first Stik-em collection!

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My Stikiis, My Stik-em’s!

As we inch closer to the December 1, 2011 launch of Stikii shoes, it’s hard not to think about how much children are going to love them. The shoes are available in 8 different bright colors, in a shape that is one-of-a-kind! And did we mention that they are both affordable AND comfortable (two of the main shoe selection criterion)?!? But, possibly the most exciting feature of Stikii shoes are its interchangeable “Stik-em” accessories. 

Our “microfiber stik” material, created exclusively for the purpose of the footwear, allows children to continuously fashion their own unique shoe designs. The carefully formulated microfiber stik material with EVA OUTSOLE creates fun, comfortable and lightweight shoes perfect for any child. More importantly, however, the microfiber stik material holds Stik-em products firmly in place while still permitting children to easily remove the accessories to redesign their shoes at the blink of an eye! The fibers latch on to the back of the Stik-em’s in a sort of Velcro fashion that is both safe and fun!

We created Stik-em’s to complement the fun style and colors of our footwear. When released the shoes will be available in 8 different colors, which are as follows:

  1. Red
  2. Dark Pink
  3. Light Pink
  4. Medium Blue
  5. Dark Blue
  6. Brown
  7. Green
  8. Purple

Each color will have a fun name attached to it, such as “Razzle Red” or “Giddy Green”. This may be something we come to our fans for advice on. We intend to sell our shoes with accessories in an assortment of colors and sizes to provide consumers with an array of options including the following five categories:

  • Shiny Stik-em’s – Made of shiny PVC material, these accessories offer an eye-please contrast to the fabric on which they adhere.
  • Cloth Stik-em’s – These Stik-em’s resemble trendy, iron-on embroidered patches. Very reminiscent of Girl Scout and Boy Scout days.
  • 3D Stik-em’s – 3D movies and games are all the rage today, which is why we have created a 3D Stik-em category. These accessories are just like placing a soft a furry stuffed animal right onto the exterior of the shoe and the really POP out at you!
  • Rubber Stik-em’s – This highly durable material offers contrast and comes in various shapes and sizes. Think “rubber stamp”.
  • Light-up Stik-em’s – These clever ornaments light up with movement and last up to 20,000 hours. Kids will love playing outside in the evenings with these! It will make sneaking up on you tricky though!

Each category will offer a variety of shapes, characters, designs and more. Customer insight is always welcome. Our strategy remains to package the Stik-em accessories in identical pairs in order to entice children to trade the spare Stik-em with other Stikii wearers. Trading encourages trading and will assist in building the Stik-em collections. For centuries, children and adults alike have found pleasure in building and stocking collections, Next week’s blog plans to discuss the collection trend in more detail.

By combining Stik-em’s with the Stikii shoes, we hope to promote individuality and freedom of expression amongst youngsters.  Each day the child will have the opportunity to create a new shoe design, and thus, a new work of art. Color choice and Stik-em combinations will reflect the child’s tastes and mood each time they change it up. It encourages creativity in a fun way! Once the e-commerce website is up and running, consumers will have the option to “Build a Shoe” virtually. This feature allows the customer to first choose the color of the shoe, and then drag and attach multiple Stik-em’s to the shoe. When finished, just add the final to your shopping cart and check out! The shoes will then be delivered with the chosen Stik-ems!

Visit for more details.

Stik-em’s will run at approximately $1.99 individually and $2.99 a pair. They will make great gifts and stocking stuffers when released this holiday season.

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The Stikii 411

Shoes. They are a staple, a necessity, a luxury, a protector and an accessory. Search any closet and you are sure to find various colors, designs, shapes and styles, each purchased for their own unique occasion. Perhaps there is a pair for that fancy wedding you went to last June, or for that 5k you never ran. There is a pair that makes your legs look great, a pair that matches the suit your wife bought you for Christmas, a pair that give you blisters, and of course, that pair you just can’t seem to part with. Adults around the world have dozens of shoes, whether or not they find the purchase and selection process enjoyable is beside the matter.


Not only do some adults (women in particular) feel that rush when they catch sight of the new line of Jimmy Choo shoes at Macy’s or the new style of Nikes that guarantee to shave and extra minute of your mile, but they also go nuts for footwear for their children! Kids, on the other hand, could care less about what they put on their feet. Actually, they often can’t stand putting on a pair and would much rather spend their days barefoot and fancy free. Taking them along to shop for a new pair is often a chore in itself, as you tug their little arms past the toy aisle or the video games.


At Stikii, we aim to eliminate this obstacle by offering both child and parent a shoe that is both fun and comfortable….not to mention affordable. We offer a recognizable shoe shape with a one-of-a-kind design that is sure to appeal to any child. Stikii footwear uses its own microfiber stik material in its shoe design process that allows children to create unique shoe designs with every wear thanks to the brilliant “Stik-em” accessories. Kids will love personalizing their footwear with adhesive garnishes such as light-up lady bugs, shiny stars, 3D monkeys or rubber duckys. This fashion-forward, kid friendly footwear even promotes sharing among the little ones, as our Stik-em’s are sold individually or in pairs. Buying a Stik-em pair, we hope, will entice children to swap with their friends while more quickly building their own collections.

With Stikii, the combinations are endless. Shoe shopping and wearing will no longer be looked at as a daunting task, but will now feel like an exciting game or a creative art project. Stikii invites children to express what makes them special and to communicate who they are as an individual. Footwear has NEVER been so FUN!!

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