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Stikii: Under Construction

With the Stikii Shoe launch date just around the corner, our guess is that you are wondering where you will be able to purchase this fabulous footwear.  The locally owned, Toledo-based footwear company has a few options currently under construction to be used for shoe sales this coming holiday season.

The first option (a very convenient one) would be for interested customers to visit our e-commerce website. The site, like the shoes themselves, is set to go live on December 1, 2011.  By accessing this website, the customer will have full access to all that Stikii has to offer, including the product. Homepage

The newly constructed site will include a Home Page, a Stikii Store, more information on the “Stikii Situation”, contact information, a shopping cart, and a “Build a Shoe” tab. The “Build a Shoe” portion of the website allows the customer (adult or child) to literally build their own shoe! We believe that this is a special opportunity for the customer to get to know the product and allow them to truly enjoy their shopping experience.

Build a Shoe Option

 Through this option, the customer would first choose the shoe color and size, the quantity, and the Stik-em’s to go along with them! The shoe on the screen will change along with the choices selected.  This also includes a tool that allows the consumer to drag and place different Stik-em’s on the shoe so that they can visually see what it is they are purchasing. When finished with building, just simply add your creation to the shopping cart. A simple AND fun way to shop!

Build a Shoe - Add Stik-em's

Another option for purchasing Stikii Shoes will be via kiosks at various malls in the United States. Here we will display the shoes and various Stik-em’s. Interested customers will be able to see the product up close, and even purchase them on the spot! This will be a great way for us to market our product and spread the word. The exact dates and locations of these kiosks are to be determined, so keep checking back to find out if they will be at a shopping center near you.

The third Stikii Shoe purchasing option will be sale through our Stikii Showroom (for a limited time only, once our nation-wide kiosks have been opened, sales will be directed there).  For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a showroom is a marketing location used to help promote the sale and awareness of a product. It is usually a large space used to display products for sale such as automobiles, furniture, appliances, clothing, or in this case, shoes.  A showroom can act as a retail store where products are available for sale in a space created by the brand, or it can be used as a space for wholesale buyers and the interested public to view the merchandise and become acquainted with the product. Please view the following photos of  showroom construction:

Stikii’s showroom will be located in Toledo, Ohio, at the street address of 5842 W. Central Avenue. For those familiar with the area, this is near the Holland-Sylvania intersection near the Computer Discount store. This location, which is currently under construction, will include a warehouse with shipping facility, 4 office spaces, a conference room and a flashy showroom with a RMU/kiosk setup to demonstrate the future mall locations to be operated across the country.  We are planning to go national with the kiosk business model at Stikii. Our whole way of business will be completely driven by the e-commerce site and the kiosks at the beginning. Eventually, our goal is the place our products on the shelves of “Big Box”/chain stores in order to increase the reach of the goods.

Stikii Showroom: 5842 W Central Ave

The color scheme of the showroom will be the “Stikii Green” with a likely glossy black floor. A glass-walled conference room will sit directly behind the showroom. The space will have Stikii shoes and Stik-ems displayed which will be available for sale for a limited time. The estimate completion date of this product is November 15th. But, remember, the showroom will not be open to the public until our launch date on December 1st. Be sure to stop by then and see all of our awesome inventory and to learn more about how Stikii shoes can become a part of your child’s life!

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The Stikii 411

Shoes. They are a staple, a necessity, a luxury, a protector and an accessory. Search any closet and you are sure to find various colors, designs, shapes and styles, each purchased for their own unique occasion. Perhaps there is a pair for that fancy wedding you went to last June, or for that 5k you never ran. There is a pair that makes your legs look great, a pair that matches the suit your wife bought you for Christmas, a pair that give you blisters, and of course, that pair you just can’t seem to part with. Adults around the world have dozens of shoes, whether or not they find the purchase and selection process enjoyable is beside the matter.


Not only do some adults (women in particular) feel that rush when they catch sight of the new line of Jimmy Choo shoes at Macy’s or the new style of Nikes that guarantee to shave and extra minute of your mile, but they also go nuts for footwear for their children! Kids, on the other hand, could care less about what they put on their feet. Actually, they often can’t stand putting on a pair and would much rather spend their days barefoot and fancy free. Taking them along to shop for a new pair is often a chore in itself, as you tug their little arms past the toy aisle or the video games.


At Stikii, we aim to eliminate this obstacle by offering both child and parent a shoe that is both fun and comfortable….not to mention affordable. We offer a recognizable shoe shape with a one-of-a-kind design that is sure to appeal to any child. Stikii footwear uses its own microfiber stik material in its shoe design process that allows children to create unique shoe designs with every wear thanks to the brilliant “Stik-em” accessories. Kids will love personalizing their footwear with adhesive garnishes such as light-up lady bugs, shiny stars, 3D monkeys or rubber duckys. This fashion-forward, kid friendly footwear even promotes sharing among the little ones, as our Stik-em’s are sold individually or in pairs. Buying a Stik-em pair, we hope, will entice children to swap with their friends while more quickly building their own collections.

With Stikii, the combinations are endless. Shoe shopping and wearing will no longer be looked at as a daunting task, but will now feel like an exciting game or a creative art project. Stikii invites children to express what makes them special and to communicate who they are as an individual. Footwear has NEVER been so FUN!!

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